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    I've put a team together to recreate the Chao Garden from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. We're rebuilding all of the original gardens, some expanded, and a whole assortment of new gardens. Our goal is to expand and improve upon the Chao system in every way that we can, and bring back a great feature of the older Sonic games, better than ever. We're recruiting programmers and 3D modelers, but anyone who's interested is free to help. Ideas for the game and potential features are welcomed also.

    What is the Chao project?
    -Basically it's a fangame based off the original Chao Gardens intended to recreate the Chao pet system, except with more space, more Gardens (including recreations of all six Gardens from SA1 and 2), a tracking system to track specifics of a Chao's progress, more to do, etc. Since SEGA seems unlikely to reimplement the Chao system in future games, I'm doing it as a standalone game.

    NOTE: These are intended features, can't guarantee all of them in the final game but it's what we're hoping to be able to do.
    -Many more gardens
    -Advanced Chao school system (more classes)
    -More Chao minigames (more to do than racing and karate basically, we need an alternate system for getting rings and animals/Chaos drives anyway)
    -More Chao types (not sure what kinds yet depends on majority preference, but possibly a type for Intelligence and Stamina)
    -Ability to track Chao statistics directly, such as needs, time to evolution, family tree, and other pertinent information.
    -VR support (I'm planning a VR demo of the animations at the moment)

    Want to help?
    -If you're interested in helping we can use any kind you can offer. We need Unity developers and 3D modelers the most but concept art, ideas for gardens and/or features, and graphic designers are all welcome. You can contact us here or at

    More information
    -You can stay up to date on the game's progress by following us on deviantART and/or Twitter.
    We also have a forum where you can vote on ideas or discuss the game in general:
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