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    Hi everyone. This time, I'll talk about my experience racing on the Seasonal Shrines track (Time Attack mode, Mirror) in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U version). Seasonal Shrines is one of my favorite courses. I recently took a break from gaming, but I was excited knowing that I would be making my return on that track. I know how to break 1:00.000, but it took some time to figure it out. The most important area is after the first Transform Ring, I had to get close to the left wall just before going over the first waterfall. When I did this correctly, I gained super momentum that carried me all the way to the finish. However, just because I got a good start, it wasn't over considering that this is one of the easiest courses to crash into obstacles. I felt that I could get around the cave statue without drifting, but it actually takes a bit of skill to avoid losing control of the boat. After the statue is a slow zone, so I used my boost here to keep my early momentum. The Buddha Pool looks like a good place for swimming or fishing, it's so clear you can actually see the fish. Big the Cat, did you hear that? At the cave shortcut, you can actually go in two directions. I got onto the roof of the building, but it was narrow up there. One of the unique things about Seasonal Shrines is that time progresses in the game over the course of three laps. The pink flower petals will turn orange, and the shadows will become long and prominent. In Time Attack though, time will stop after three laps. That doesn't mean that you can't keep improving. Coming off of the roof, I had to do a barrel roll to the left or I would solidly hit the wall. It was more difficult because I was using the default controls. Once you gain elevation, you can see the mountain in the distance, and the view is spectacular. It's possible to cross over the sandy patches on the track by boosting, which is important for using the shortcut at the end. It's equally vital to be in good position to use it after coming off of the giant staircase, so you don't crash into the doorway. I could see the setting sun when I got into the shortcut. It can get really bumpy here, so I had to just hang on and find the narrow doorway opening. When I got onto the straightaway, I knew it was over. I'm glad the bamboo grove is on the sides of the road and not the middle, although I wouldn't mind growing some in my backyard. I did better on the Mirror course than the regular one, breaking 1:00.000 by more than half a second. I beat the Expert Ghost by more than three seconds. - Super Prower

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    I gained super momentum


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