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Thread: Dreamcast 2 and Video Game that may come out for the system

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    If Dreamcast 2 happens or Sega makes a new console with another name, here is my list of games I hope to see for it.

    1. Jet Set Radio 3 with the team behind "Hover"
    2. Sonic Adventure 3
    3. Chu Chu Rocket as a pack in title with online multiplayer
    4. PSO II worldwide release
    5. modern Shinobi sequel
    6. Shenmue series including future titles
    7. every arcade fighter by Capcom, SNK, and Sega
    8. Crazy Taxi sequel with more cities and up to date music
    9. SEAMAN VR
    10. Space Channel 5 VR that they showed off already

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    i know it's old, figured i'd kill some keys on it.
    not happening, can't count the amount of petitions and crowdfunders lauging at the dreamcast fanboys.
    i'm guilty of buying into the first attempts at this, totally thought it was a thing, WRONG.
    that said, the concept was to include actual dc backwards compatibility, as well as internal harddisk to install retail games to.
    needless to say, never happened.
    however, the nearest thing to a dreamcast2 irl, is a storage modified dreamcast, an optical drive emulator board, or a harddisk socket soldered onto the parallel socket, the modem.
    look up usb to gdi (mnemo) gd-ide.
    tube will help.
    the former is plug and play, just replace the gdi assembly with mnemo's board, and that's it.
    prepare any usb compatible storage device with gdi dumps (inc cdi and iso converts) and play away
    is a bit pricey, but worth it.
    the gd-ide mod is a real professional nightmare to do, the infomation is out there.
    mad skills required for entry level.
    also a bios bank is to be added for it to prioritize boot from the parallel socket.
    the upshot of this mod over mnemo, is the gdi assembly remains, trading in internet capacity, so it's one of them.
    i'm using a mnemo board, have a few dreamcasts, the black and blue one got it.
    kept the gdi assembly for a laugh really, not needed for that console anymore.

    whatever the media-mod, is worth it.
    can't link, staffs would go bat**** on it...
    have fun web searching.
    dreamcast specific forums and tube will help.
    lousy wiiu screen.
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