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Thread: I finally played this game. It was actually much better than I expected!

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    The locked framerate killed it for me on the PC port. I didn't bother playing the second level, whatever that was... I was unknowingly running on the iGPU instead of the discrete GPU (I'm guessing, I never looked into it before I refunded it) which would've boosted the experience much more but still, I couldn't stand it.... given the hardware it was meant to run on and the seemingly not so demanding nature of the game made the port even worse.... the iGPU shouldve handled the game ezpz
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    I never played it before and I don't intend to. Glad you enjoyed the game.
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    I never played it aswell but I'm thinking to do it.

    It's good to know that you enjoyed it, would be awesome if more would do it.

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