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Thread: Aliens - Story/Plot/Setting Ideas

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    Default Aliens - Story/Plot/Setting Ideas


    I, like many of you are extreme Aliens fans.

    I want to create a thread to brainstorm the best story/plot/setting ideas for the upcoming game. This is so everyone can throw their ideas out, we can collaborate these and agree on what everyone would like to see.
    So please throw your ideas out. Mine are below.

    First point: Atari & Gearbox have already told us the game will be based on the Colonial Marines. Therefore we should see some kind of Colonial Marine Boot Camp back on Earth or 'Gateway', which will show off all the tactics/weapons & prepare a Marine for certain missions, right? Which would suggest character progression takes place..

    Story/Setting Ideas:

    First (After Training) - Investigate Sulaco: One idea that i have is a return to LV-426 by Colonial Marines on a rescue mission, looking for the Marines who set down and were ultimately killed in action. Your team is in stasis & en-route to the Sulaco.
    Your team docks, finds the life support systems out-of-action and the crew missing. You work to bring the systems back on-line and investigate what happened.
    After discovering the Alien threat your team is ordered by the 'Company' to investigate the surface for anything salvageable.
    Your team gears up, prepares the drop ship and the APC.
    Notes: There is no cut scene, i believe the ride down should be bumpy and filled with chitchat from the other Marines about the creature your investigating. Shortly after you are ordered not to discuss it, under company policy

    Second - Investigate Hadley's Hope - Your team loads up, drops down on the outskirts and finds the entire site in rubble. Your character will be up front of the APC controlling the mounted cannon via remote terminal.
    Your team find a distant part of the complex which is still partially accessible due to it sitting at a lower elevation to the rest of the complex.
    As you investigate the remaining site, your team enters through an air lock by cutting a hole.
    Upon investigating the dark dripping corridors two members of your squad encounter 1-2 Aliens in ducts or a dark room etc. They die, you investigate and slaughter the battle scared Aliens.
    You return to the APC and get orders.

    Third - Investigate Derelict Ship (Jockey Ship) The 'Company' realizes nothing is here and asks you to investigate the Alien ship. Your APC loads up and instead of sitting inside the APC you sit up front overlooking the pilot of the dropship.
    You approach the Derelict and circle around. Visually, it is more or less intact, but the top side facing towards Hadley's Hope has been ripped off after the explosion. Revealing an exo-skeleton of the ship, you can peer inside the vessels decks etc. (Nothing too detailed is seen, just an interior.
    Your team enters after landing, finds the the Jockey pilot (Alien film - fun) and moves into the egg room. Upon entering, you are ordered to secure the area. As a cut-scene, one of your Marines slips into the field and a face hugger gets him. The company scientists enter and take over.
    A dramatic scene takes place where you order them to help your brethren, they say they have orders to contain any infected person and to place the specimen into quarantine. You watch as they shuffle him out of the area.
    This gives you time to investigate more of the ship and the jockey race is expanded a bit more.

    Also, one thing that would be interesting to try would be finding the fossilized Alien that broke out of the Jockey's chest. Either fossilized or in stasis (wake him up and kill him?)

    Fourth: Transport the specimen: After the company secures the site and eggs etc. You return to the Sulaco & are ordered to destroy the Derelict by using the Ships weapon system. You do this on the 'weapons deck' or something using remote control, firing the weapon onto the planet where the Alien ship was located.
    Now, you are to oversee the transportation of the specimens to a planet which the Company wants to store these on for analysis. You assist with moving the specimen into a secure cargo hold by using the power loader. Once done, you go and lay down & prepare for the trip.
    Whilst in flight the Alien inside the Marine who was infected, breaks loose from the freezer, triggers an alarm as it breaks through a lab door and your team comes out of hibernation. A cut-scene shows you waking up slowly, opening your eyes and the alien is hovering over your tube hissing, the lights flick on and your tube opens, scaring him off. Kind of like Alien Resurrection, but you soldiers AREN'T RUNNING AWAY like sissy girls. You stay and fight, explore the ship and like an 'Alien' tribute, hunt a single Alien on board the Sulaco, you flush it down the toilet or air lock, which ever is easier and continue en-route to the planet.
    Once landed, pretty much everyone is dead except you and another soldier & a few scientists.
    You regroup with some soldiers stationed on the planet and wait for your next mission.

    Thats my ideas for the starting plot. Could i get some feedback or criticism if you guys think this is lame?

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    Is no one else interested in sharing their ideas??

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    I am, but I think that the game should be based within the 54 years that Ripley was in "sleep". It should, maybe, include other crashed alien ships on other planets. It could even possibly show what would happen if the aliens were forced to evolve in a small, enclosed location. They could even grow in intelligence that way.

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    Those are interesting ideas, and I'd like to see something like them in the new game(s).

    Unfortunately, I think there may be a few issues with them. For starters, when you say investiage the Sulaco, you mean find the ship adrift in space after it has ejected its EEV? If so, then they probably wouldn't find much, since it was currently experiencing an electrical fire. It's quite possible that the fire could have destroyed much of the ship's interior, including any evidence of the xenomorphs.

    Hadley's Hope was also completely annihilated when its reactor detonated. I don't think there'd be anything to find. The derelict was probably either completely gutted by the colonists prior to the events of Aliens, or destroyed / damaged beyond recognition by the fusion generator exploding.

    Of course, if you meant for the games to be from the POV of the marine detachment from Aliens, then sure, that could work out. You'd know the ending though.

    Either way, I'd like to see a little more of the marine corps' backstory and support stuff in the games. Let's see the PIG (shoulder fired plasma cannon used by the USCMC), an APC firing a turret mounted free electron laser, and the cheyenne drop ship chewing up some xenomorphs with its weapons.
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    i would set the game between the end of aliens and alien 3.They reckon a colonial marines game,so i would have it as maybe a family member or friend of one of the marines from aliens also joining the usmc and his/her career in the corp. i.e. training and missions etc etc slowly revealing a plot to do with the events of the marines who went to lv-426 and never returned .could also be a twist as in the marine you play actually ends up being a marine at the end of alien 3 sent down with bishop 2 to capture ripley. so many ways but my main point is a game not souly to do with aliens straight from the bat.have a varied ammount of early missions that marines were trained for, and not level one aliens and facehuggers. Lastly multiplayer co-op is a must 2 minimum but the more the better.


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