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Thread: Playstation 3 version doesn't support Voice Support in Multi

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    it would be great if they added voice support to the mp

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    Default Opinion is not fact...........

    Quote Originally Posted by Indo Jimbo
    I'll tell you why there is no PS3 voice chat support. The cell processor can't process it without tremendously slowing the game down. This is a bottleneck issue with the PS3 hardware design and probably won't ever be fixed other than extremely cutting down the games visuals from what its like on the Xbox 360.

    But don't take my word for it, check out the PS3 Turok forums. That game is the same in this regard. Condemned 2 probably won't be the last game that is like this either.

    Return it for the 360 version, it probably looks and runs better on 360 anyway.
    Not only is your 360 fanboy post completely useless to this topic because you pulled it out of your :):):) and didn't base it on any facts only your ignorant imagination, but your an idiot too since you fail to recognize that there are numerous games on the PS3 (exlusives and multi-platform) that handle voice chat just fine while still playing great. By the way,I've played both versions of the game (I own a 360 as well as a PS3) and I can't tell a difference between them graphically. You'd have to be a major nitpicker to notice any differences between most games on either system.I believe the PS3 is capable of having games that look better than Xbox 360 eventually when the programmers have had enough time to learn how to optimize the programming like they have for the Xbox.That's just my opinion. As of right now,they seem to be neck and neck.

    Anyway,take your flame war inciting,biased comments somewhere else please.

    One more thing,there has been a rumor that cross-game chat for the PS3 is being worked on by Sony for a future firmware update. Supposedly the community manager for Playstation Home is quoted as saying something along the lines of "it's being worked on". I don't know if this has been confirmed or not so don't take my word for it.Only time will tell if it's true.

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