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Thread: Game Informer Interviews Masuda and Ohmori About Pokemon Switch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black_Diamond View Post
    I dunno. I think Sun/Moon has a much different stucture compared to the Gyms of previous Pokemon games.
    Its not different at all, its just the names lol
    Just like those bunch of Tapus and UB.
    Also Sun/Moon sucked hard in diversity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolt The Cat View Post
    Now I wouldn't be opposed to an overhaul in the formula seeing as how the current formula has been done to death and a change of pace could do the series a world of good, but I'm just saying it's not necessary. The same formula can still work in open world.

    I think a more open experience would be welcomed, especially as gaming philosophy of recent has placed great emphasis on player choice. Some very recent games especially.

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    Yeah, I'm not seeing much of an inherent issue with this series aside from the aforementioned linearity and the third version system, and the former they already seem to be thinking about while the latter they will if USUM bombs hard enough (which at this rate it could considering all of the negativity surrounding this game as well as other factors such as being too close to the release of SM and the Switch game looming on the horizon, if it doesn't pull something out of its hat in the next month or so it'll probably be the worst selling main series game of all time and that'll be enough for Game Freak to take notice that people don't like paying for the same game all over again 1 year later). Pokemon does pretty good for itself considering the yearly release cycle, the new generations tend to have something that builds on the formula, the remakes tend to be a lot more fresh and constructive than your average remake (which is usually little more than a port with a graphics upres, Pokemon remakes add a ton of content and features). As for SM, it did a pretty good job of changing up the formulas. Poke Ride is a brilliant solution to the issue with HMs, and Trials are somewhat different than gyms in terms of structure. The latter could use more improvement in terms of the puzzles, but beyond that I don't really see the issue. Tremendous exaggeration going on here.
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    I really liked this game from my heart

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