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Thread: Sega distribution service for all games

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    Smile Sega distribution service for all games

    If sega makes this, they could get loads of money, and release new games on the service.
    This is just my opinion.

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    So basically it would be a console made by SEGA that will be able to play any title made previously by them from any arcade, console, and handheld? Excluding the ones they don't own the rights to, of course. I would love to see that. Rumors sprout up all the time though about a new console and most of the time they are groundless, usually promising to show proof of concept but it never happens for some reason. It makes sense that SEGA would never give them a second thought. It would be nice if the idea was taken more seriously.

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    I would love to see the original four Phantasy Star games on this service


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