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Thread: XBox Needs Project Diva

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    Default XBox Needs Project Diva

    I want this game to come over to Xbox. The platform lacks a good rhythm game and me and a couple of my friends are big fans of Jpop because we're weebs. I'm to poor to switch consoles and it means staring over my vast achievements and online friends. I would gladly throw what little money I have on this game. Hopefully this post will gt noticed.

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    I'm afraid the problem is that the Xbox One isn't selling well in Japan enough to give Sega of Japan a reason to make a game for it.
    Have you even seen the sales for Xbox One in Japan recently?

    Unless something unusual happens that causes the Xbox One sales in Japan to somehow get past or equal both PlayStation 4/Vita and the Nintendo Switch/3DS, I don't see this happening anytime soon.


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