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Thread: Official New User Introduction Thread!

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    My turn now.
    Im Haley, I'm a young adult and I've been a fan of the Sonic franchise for longer than i can remember, and I've had a lot of ideas for the series, I've had one concept that's been in the making for several years now.
    Sadly, I know that there is a strong possibility that none of my ideas will ever become a reality.
    However, I'm still hopeful, and maybe one day i can join the Sonic Team and bring my characters and stories to life.

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    My posts will not show up.
    ......and, I'm giving up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oklahomaartist View Post
    My posts will not show up.
    ......and, I'm giving up
    They show up just fine. Is your thread display mode set to oldest first? Go to Settings at the top of any page to go to your control panel. Choose General Settings in the left pane, then scroll down to Thread Display Mode. If your settings show Linear - Newest First, change it to Oldest First, then click Save. This will put your post last in the thread.

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    Hello everyone! I'm Battlechili!
    I decided to make an account here after Shining Resonance Re:frain was announced, as I really wanted to let SEGA know that I want them to bring it to the West.

    I'm not the biggest of SEGA fans, but I do like some of their games and love their support for the PC. My favorite SEGA games are 7th Dragon 2020, Valkyria Chronicles, and Sonic Generations! (I love the fact that they brought 7th Dragon III over, though I have yet to touch it myself) I'm a pretty big fan of JRPGs.

    Beyond SEGA, I really like watching anime on my spare time. Stuff like Gurren Lagann or Madoka Magica.

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