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Thread: Beast Rider is my favourite game this gen

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    Default Beast Rider is my favourite game this gen

    First off i dont think this game is the best game of the generation from a quality perspective . Lets see it doesn't have the best graphics , the gameplay is very unbalanced at some points, it has probably one off the worst camera settings ever , the story is so badly unfolded that its not even funny, the characters all dough have great art style have very low definition, (tyris hands are worst then some dreamcast games), and its one of the most frustrating games in recent memory if i was to review it i wouldnt give it more then a 6

    But the fact is i just cant stop playing BR, despite all its flaws the gameplay keeps me coming back for more, the art style is just short of amazing, (especially in the latter levels) the beasts are very well integrated in the gameplay, the final boss battle is so good it even feels it doesn't belong in this game, but most importantly despite the fact it doesn't have co-op it just feels like golden axe should be in modern times

    To bad that the bad things about BR ( there's allot ) in most peoples eyes will be enough to kill this franchise for good, because with some pretty obvious design choices this game could improve dramatically in quality, such as the obvious co-op, a camera that works, more variety in enemy types, more emphasis on story telling, a grappling system and blocking these are pretty simple things that can be implemented in the game that would dramatically improve a sequel but that will surely never happen,and that's a shame has the potential for improvement was there

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    I like the game. I just dusted the box off and popped in the disk over the weekend. The game is what it is. A simple hack and slash.


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