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    Anyone else having Youtube flag their yakuza gameplay videos? NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL ADVERTISERS

    I got a bunch of flags for gameplay videos, which makes no sense since it's been fine in the past. I submit a review for a fair amount of them, but wanted to know if I'm being singled out (again by sega), or if this is widespread and any video game violence is being flagged.

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    Yo Jimmy. Nah this is happening everywhere, I think it's a financial move by YouTube. I've heard worse cases where profanity was involved and a lot of people have been complaining about the same thing happening. You should contact support or something.

    Edit: Oh yeah I remembered. It must be the thumbnails, because you put up pictures of a hostess right? I heard that "clickbait" thing happening a lot. It's kinda funny but not worth it if you get demonetizied
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